Case Study

ShootZilla is startup that helps remove the anxiety from photography business.

Feature highligts

One man development team

Thanks to amazing technologies like Ruby on Rails I was able to build and maintain ShootZilla myself, working directly with the founder. With Twitter Bootstrap I could quickly protype and ship esthetic UIs while Shelly Cloud platform took care of the servers and NewRelic monitored performance.

Early prototype did not even have user accounts, but was more than enough for potential customers to play with, provide feedback and subscribe in advance.

We collaborated around a live prototype from day 1, shipping new features on a daily basis and getting instant feedback from a group of early adopters.



Building product this way was possible because of founder Esther de Boer who fearlessly put prototypes in front of users to gather feedback, was open to tradeoffs that allowed faster iteration and generally embraced Lean Startup ideas.

Also my rudimentary design skills could take us only so far and half a year after launching we got brilliant new visual identity from Adam Horn.

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